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American Tale: My 50-state Adventure

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Sweet Home (Anniston) Alabama

Another stop on our whirl-wind 4 state adventure was Anniston, Alabama

Though you probably haven’t heard of it (like many of my other stops), it is a small town steeped in history, brewed with culture, and has plenty of room and plans to grow.

We picked Anniston at first, because a dear friend of ours had recently moved down there (Hey Josh!)

We drove through Birmingham (which I will post about separately), and arrived at the bed and breakfast formerly known as The Victoria Inn.  (Edit: I have recently discovered that they are under new management/in the process of change.  I will post with the updated information as soon as they email me back!)



We started the day off with a HUGE breakfast selection in the main house, which was absolutely delicious.  Afterwards, we drove around the small town, discussing what we should do first.  We made a stop by the Chamber of Commerce and asked about there favorite things to do in the area.  They were very helpful, and led us to a bunch of things we wouldn’t have found otherwise!

We stopped by the Calhoun Pickers antique mall, which was INCREDIBLE, to say the least.  Mom found some real gems, and we even found a box from Hickory NC!  This is a definite “have to” when you come to Anniston.

Next, we walked around downtown, peering into shop windows and trying to figure out where to eat.  Ultimately, we went with the suggestion of the Chamber workers, and headed down to The Peerless Saloon and Grille.


The food was so amazing, I didn’t stand a chance at getting a picture before it was gone!  The atmosphere is very unique and interesting, and it has a great history.  The service was excellent, and I suggest the chicken tenders!

After having such a great lunch, we headed out to a place we had read about, and were eager to check out: The Berman Museum of World History

Here are just a few pictures of the exhibits they had, I went absolutely nuts and took probably 700 pictures, and they are all poor quality because I was so excited I couldn’t stand still long enough for the camera to focus.

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They had quite a few (incredibly impressive) artifacts, and they had a wide range of exhibits.  When we went, there was a World War/weaponry area, an American West section, an Asian history exhibit (where they let me run around in a kimono), and a rather peculiar section with torture devices and secret/easily concealed weapons.  Above are two of my favorite things: The Gatling gun and a set of Napoleon’s vanity kit.  They also had a set of Hitler’s silver tea service, but I got over excited (again) and got a great picture of the floor by accident.  For $5 a person, it would be foolish to not stop by during your visit and experience history through such an extensive collection.  But then again, history is my “thing” so I might be biased.

After spending multiple hours in the museum, we met up with our friend and had dinner….at Peerless again!  It was too good to pass up.

We also checked out the Anniston War Memorial, which we had driven by multiple times on the way to and from The Victoria. We spent quite a while here, and it was very touching, covered in the names of those who have served in the various wars/military  actions.

After long goodbyes and a last great night at the B and B, we checked out and set the GPS for home.  On the way out of town, we discovered an AMAZING treat for the road at Daylight Donuts!

We had an amazing time in Alabama, and mom has been asking me with increasing regularity when we will be coming back….so, Anniston, be on the look out for us!



Charleston (SC) bound!

As every good traveler knows, you sometimes come up on opportunities when you least expect them.  After a few rash decisions and apologies for last minute plan cancellations, it’s been settled: Bright and early Friday morning, My friends and I will be Charleston bound!

I know I’ve already covered SC in my post about Myrtle Beach, but I never pass up a chance to go be a history nerd with people I can drag around to enjoy the sights!

Any suggestions for “have-to-do’s” on the “Holy City”?

Tupelo, Honey!

Last April, my favorite travel companion (my mother) and I went on an amazing spring break road trip, and our trip developed a theme: Elvis.  Our first stop was Memphis, and our third stop was the wonderful town of Tupelo, MS. Any good Elvis fan will know, this is the “King”‘s birthplace.


Mom and I checked into the Days Inn, which was clean, safe, and convenient to the attractions.  Since we were only there for one night, we jumped right in to the attractions.  Our first stop was the Downtown Shopping District.  The most famous site is where Elvis bought his first guitar: Tupelo Hardware.  The people working were incredibly welcoming and kind, and they walked us step-by-step through the history of the establishment.

We worked up a good appetite, and decided to try out Romie’s Grocery.

What an amazing find!  I made the judgement call of getting the BBQ Nachos, and they were so perfect that mom and I joke about popping down to Mississippi to pick up some of these regularly.  They were covered in cheese, BBQ, BBQ sauce, and jalapenos.    They had fresh baked bread, and an INCREDIBLE strawberry butter.  I ordered the Catfish Romie (which is my favorite catfish I’ve ever had), cheese grits, and fried green tomatoes.  They hit every level of what I expected from these classic foods, and went above and beyond.  The waiter suggested the “Chocolate Delight”, and it was so good, we ordered one to go!

Next, we went to Elvis’s birthplace. It took us a little while to find it, at the time there was construction going on in the area and we missed the sign.

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There were multiple displays, and a museum in the welcome center area.  We opted for the “Grand Tour” which included all of the exhibits, and we were impressed at their collections.  It was $17 well spent.

On our last day in town, we ate breakfast at the hotel, Visited the Natchez Trace Parkway,

and said goodbye to the Elvis Homecoming Statue.

Everyone we met was kind and welcoming, just what you would hope to find while traveling.

If you’re planning a trip to the history-filled town of the King, definitely reference the Tupelo tourism website.  They have excellent suggested itineraries, and give you the inside look at the places you HAVE to see.

Until next time!

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