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Charleston (SC) bound!

As every good traveler knows, you sometimes come up on opportunities when you least expect them.  After a few rash decisions and apologies for last minute plan cancellations, it’s been settled: Bright and early Friday morning, My friends and I will be Charleston bound!

I know I’ve already covered SC in my post about Myrtle Beach, but I never pass up a chance to go be a history nerd with people I can drag around to enjoy the sights!

Any suggestions for “have-to-do’s” on the “Holy City”?

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  1. Donna Stevens

    March 4, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    The open market. Make sure to buy one praline! ONLY ONE! Then walk away, they are addictive! All so, (of course, I can’t remember the name) if possible, take your of the grave yard featured in the book, THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL. As you know me, I THINK those are the names. Everyone will know what I an talking about, if you ask the locals. Have a great time.

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